School Staff

Holy Spirit Staff 


JK/SK - Mme Boucher / Mrs. Jaques
Mrs. Levin (RECE)

JK/SK - Mrs. Murphy
Miss Emily (RECE)

JK/SK - Mrs. Murphy  
MrsRead (RECE) 

gr. 1 - Ms. Flynn / Mme Everest 

gr. 1 - Mrs. Bluschke / Mme Everest

gr. 1/ 2 - Mrs. Oliver / Mme Everest

gr. 2 - Mrs. Russell / Mme Everest

gr. 2/3 - Mrs. Beverley / Mlle Paremain

gr. 3 - Mrs. Cuglietta / Mlle Paremain 

gr. 3/4 - Extended - Mrs. Doherty / Mr. Monette

gr. 5/6 - Extended - Mr. Walsh / Mme Pepin

gr. 4 -  Immersion - Mlle Paremain / Mrs. McKenna

gr. 4/5 - Immersion - Mrs. McKenna / Mr. Monette

gr. 6 -  Immersion - Miss Hagan / Mme Pepin

Resource Teachers - Mrs. Babb / Ms. Hickman

ESL Teacher - Mrs. Ellsworth

Library Technican - Mrs. Bingham

EA's - Mrs. Paulin, Mrs. Carley, Mrs. Jones, Miss Bell

Head Caretaker - Mr. Robillard

Night Caretaker - Mr. Que

Office Administrator - Mrs. Mallory

Principal - Mrs. Tarrant

About Our School

Welcome to...Holy Spirit Catholic School

Our School Day Schedule:

9:15a.m. School begins  

10:30-10:45a.m. Recess

12:00-12:20p.m. Lunch

12:20-1:00p.m. Recess  

2:15-2:30p.m. Recess

3:45p.m. Dismissal 


Holy Spirit Catholic School exists for children whose parents have chosen to educate them within a Catholic environment. While the Ministry of Education provides the basic academic framework, Christian values provide the living framework for school life - from the curriculum to special liturgical celebrations to community service projects.

Together, home, parish, community and school work toward the student's total growth: spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally. In each of these areas, the learner is considered to be unique, developing and dynamic. The school must ensure that every learner has the opportunity to develop his/her potential.

Activities, Clubs & Teams

Sports Teams 




Track & Field



Kid's Marathon 


Environment - Recycling/Green/Wattbusters



Cursive Writing


Intramural sports

Dance Showcase

PALS Program

School Ambassadors